Gone are the days where sports were about each side playing its best. Today, where sports betting is available online through so many websites, and many times the stakes are higher than the actual prize the player(s) will get – there is no doubt that Sports ARE RIGGED.

Those who refer to such claims as “Conspiracy theories” are probably part of the “Betting Mafia” or just have some incentive to spread lies to the public. And “Betting Mafia” is not some sort of some Italian groups with guns who hide underground and do some shady stuff – the “Betting Mafia” is the world of sport books who love seeing games being rigged.

If outcomes could have been predicted correctly, based on trends, statistics, injuries and other factors – then many sport books around the world would have gone bust. Instead, what we experience today with these rigged sports matches is very close to a Ponzi scheme – there is no value in gambling in general, definitely not in casinos, but even sports betting is a futile activity, perhaps some people might make money out of it but for most it’s just a futile attempt trying to make money, where at most cases the punter will be a long term loser than a winner.

This website is here to bring you all the latest news in regards to Rigged Sporting Incidents from 2018 onward.

Know any rigged incidents, from 2018 onward, that were not posted in this website? Please enlighten us by commenting below.

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