NBA West Finals 2018: Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets [Game 4]

The total line for this game was 227, and it ended with 187 points – one of the reasons is because the oddsmakers know some bettors like to bet in live and they follow the supposedly smart assertion of “Buy low, sell high” – but when you go 187 out of 227 no live bet of “Over” is going to accomplish something …

Now besides the totals, watch the highlights of the 4th quarter from around 08:15 in the video:

Here are the issues with this 4th quarter in the 4th Game in the NBA Western Conference Finals of 2018:

  • There are so many bench players from Golden State who play in the 4th quarter – why are they playing in the 4th quarter if this is so crucial?
  • GS Players many times don’t even try to block the shots, they just wave their hands as if this is a show and they tick a box to show they tried to do something … is this really how a professional team would play in the Playoffs as if their lives is on stakes? Or this is just a show, just like the WWE?
  • If you want to see what a true defense looks like check the video from 09:56 and see how a proper defense is really playing.
  • The NBA loves to put things in tension and suspense – is this not looking like it’s artificially getting so close until the very last minute? GS scored whenever they wanted to …
  • The referees also called fouls as needed to make sure the game is tight, but they also made sure the score would be very low to “screw” all the over bettors.

The NBA is rigged, scripted and is producing a very good show – if you wanna watch it as a show – please by all means enjoy it, but if you try to find some common sense in the NBA – just don’t … even if LeBron James would get injured it doesn’t mean the Cavs will lose – there is no sense in the NBA and it is like that for a reason – the owners and bookmakers around the world would like to keep the results as random as possible so they could get bets on all sides of the rim, get their cut and enjoy the profits – Please don’t contribute to this … enjoy watching the game, but just don’t bet on it.

Rigged Level: 8 out of 10


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