Pliskova vs Sakkari, WTA Rome 2018 (16 May)

Pliskova won the 1st Set 6-3.
Sakkari won the 2nd Set 6-3.
It’s 1-1 in Sets.

Imagine 5-5 in the 3rd Set, 40-40 (Deuce), Pliskova is serving and winning the point but the umpire is giving away the point to Sakkari for no reason whatsoever. Watch it here from 05:32 in the video:

The lines-person who calls this ball out moves her hand to her left after 2 seconds after the ball landed on court … (05:44 – 05:46 in the video), the Umpire is relying on that call and thus giving the point unjustifiably to Sakkari.

Sakkari won the following point after Pliskova got furious and lost her concentration, and once she led 6-5 she had 40-15, then Match Point and she won the match. Pliskova got so upset that she smacked her racket on the umpire chair and was even fined for it. Watch it here from 01:40

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the Hawk Eye system? Why it cannot be used in 2018? Are we still using old methodologies to check where the ball really was?
  • Why can’t the umpire view a replay like many other professional sports do? Even in Soccer referees can use a replay to make important decisions.
  • This is a crucial point in the match, each point matters and especially something like this – why are they taking it so lightly?

Clearly the WTA wanted Pliskova to lose the match, why? who knows what their motives where, but this is an absurd – and fining Pliskova for smashing her racket is like punishing the innocent and putting him in jail on top of it … you robbed her effort here, so leave her alone … but nooo, why not fine her as well for smashing her racket? It’s okay to be upset, especially in a situation like this, no fine should have been imposed here whatsoever … in fact the one who should pay a fine is either the umpire or Sakkari for cheating and not admitting the ball was in – but the Sports today is not what it used to be and we all know that.

Rigged Level: 11 out of 10


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