Radwanska vs Barthel – Doha, February 2018

This 6 minute video shows what happened on the 7th Game of the 3rd Set, during the match between Aga Radwanska and Mona Barthel:

This is not just one single error but the umpire was repeatedly “crediting” Barthel with points… this could be a honest error and to the umpire’s merit in this incident she did reverse the decision and Radwanska won the point and the game… you could only wonder what happened to those who placed bets on Barthel to win the game (this specific 7th game, not the match itself, in Tennis a game is one single digit in the scoreboard). Perhaps the bookies just decided to void the bet, or accept it if was on Barthel and then mark it as a loser – it’s hard to tell, but what’s for sure the bookies will never lose from a situation like this.

As for why this happened – this could honestly be a human made error but it could also be something else, you should never try to understand the logic behind something that is completely illogical.

Rigged Level: 4 out of 10





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