UEFA Champions League Final 2018 – 2 days from now (26/05/2018)

Real Madrid is going to play against Liverpool around 2 days from now (in some parts of the world it’s already “tomorrow”).

Real Madrid is 1.66 to lift the Trophy, Liverpool is 2.10 … Total goals of 2.5 is Over 1.44 and Under is 2.70 so the bookmakers are supposedly expecting more than 2 goals in this one.

Mohamed Salah is one of the main stars in the Champions League so far, he is playing for Liverpool and made lots of surprises …

So far so good, so where comes the “Rigged” part?

It’s very much possible for this match to go in a ping pong mode, so firstly Real Madrid will lead and then Liverpool will snap the victory … bookmakers love to see things changing upside down because so many people like to back the team who leads in the match and very few are trying the “Buy Low Sell High” approach.

Should you bet on this match? I wouldn’t suggest you bet on anything at all … betting for me is something I simply don’t do because I know it’s a losing proposition one way or another … however there is no problem with taking a guess and trying to imagine what’s going to happen.

You can definitely expect the referee to award a penalty if needed in order to get the desired team to score. Sports as we all know is not what it used to be, it’s all about money and not about the effort to win.


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