A Review Panel found a TSUNAMI of Rigged Tennis Matches in April 2018

A panel of lawyers reviewed Tennis matched and surveyed 3,200 professionals – and among them 464 said they were aware of matches being fixed and rigged.

These matches are mainly low level matches, i.e. where the prize is not big enough, thus the players prefer to get paid indirectly with a larger prize by fixing the match, it’s far easier to intentionally lose a match, and get paid a bribe that is 10 times higher than the prize the no.1 seed would get at a certain tournament.

In South America you could expect to see sometimes a 10.00 underdog winning a 1.05 favorite and it’s not because the underdog played better, but simply because a 10x payout is much more lucrative. Why not place a bet online at several websites, “risk” $5,000 in total and get $50,000 in return – a prize that even the winner wouldn’t get.

And this was in the news, so if 464 out of 3,200 are admitting they are aware, first hand, of match fixing – the ‘underground’ numbers are probably much higher than the media reports to the public.

Rigged matches are not seldom, they are not rare and they are not some one of a kind – they are everywhere, taking place on a day to day basis – from the very low level up to the top level in Sports. It cannot be stopped so long as bookies allow punters to multiply their stakes because in the end of the day the ones pocketing are taking money from genuine bettors who simply want to bet based on stats, intuitions etc. – and those rigged matches are ruining all types of sports and turning it into random outcomes just like a Roulette in the casino.


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