NBA Western Conf. Finals – Game 5 – “UNDER Train” [May 24, 2018]

When people talk about sports being rigged it doesn’t have to necessarily be just which side won the match. The Totals are also a big factor in this.

Have you ever seen a Roulette landing on Black or Red several times in a row? A gambler’s mind might say this is a “Black Train” or a “Red Train” so let’s bet with huge amount of money on Red/Black and make a lot of money…

Well, Houston won Game 5 against Golden State 98-94 (192 points in total).


If you look at the recent past results you would get as follows:

  • Game 5 West – Line was 219.5 – ended with 192 points. [Under]
  • Game 5 East – Line was 205 – ended with 179 points. [Under]
  • Game 4 West – Line was 227 – ended with 187 points. [Under]
  • Game 4 East – Line was 204.5 – ended with 213 points. [Over]
  • Game 3 West – Line was 226.5 – ended with 211 points. [Under]
  • Game 3 East – Line was 207 – ended with 202 points. [Under]

This is just like having in a Roulette:


There is no difference between this and Roulette!

Now sports is supposed to be about trends, statistics … Chris Paul exited Game 5 and yet Houston won the game … in a genuine/honest world Houston without Chris Paul should lose hands down – Harden didn’t score much neither:


But I am not here to talk about how come Houston won the game without Chris Paul, or even with him playing but being injured.

When it comes to rigged games it doesn’t really matter if a key player is injured or not – Vegas will always get the desired outcome one way or another. Yes, it’s televised, yes, all the world can see it, but most people don’t notice the small details behind the scenes. And these small details are the ones who determine what the outcome would be.

Now if you had 5 out of 6 Blacks in a Roulette in its past 6 results, only 1 result is Red … what would be your next bet? Black or Red? This is how you should determine if Game 6 East would be part of the “Under Train” or a change of direction.

Should you bet on it? I wouldn’t bet on a Roulette by all means whatsoever – taking all these factors into account plus the house’s “vig” or “juice” – NBA betting is a losing proposition by all means whatsoever.

Rigged Level for Game 5 because of this “Under” & Chris Paul being injured yet Houston won the game: 9 out of 10.


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