Champions League 2018 Final – 2nd Half

The media on Television says before Mohamad Salah was injured Liverpool was very much in the game, but they lost because of his injury.

Clearly the bookies wanted 0 goals in the 1st Half (disqualifying a legit one for no reason), and then 4 goals in the 2nd Half.

UEFA and Bookmakers will do everything they can to ensure the games will be as hard as possible to predict, very few people could have seen in advance that Salah will get injured very early in the game.


So Sergio Ramos might not get some respect from some fans but in the end of the day UEFA and the Bookmakers got the result they wanted.

Was this tackle okay? No.
Was a red card deserved? Absolutely.

But the Sports in 2018 are not what it used to be … just get rid of the main star and ensure a win for the team that you like and also screw all punters who had bets on Salah doing something in the game.


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