Loris Karius, Liverpool Goalkeeper might have rigged the Finals!

He made 2 terrible mistakes that allowed Real Madrid to score, and in fact Real Madrid scored a few more times but “lucky” Liverpool was saved due to some “offside” calls which were non-existent.


It takes 1 person to change things, and what’s better than bribing the goalkeeper to get the desired out come – this is the Champions League Final of 2018, the amount and size of bets a regular punter can place on event like this is huge!

And to add some salt into injury (literally) – Mohamed Salah was injured at the very beginning of the match – is it surprising?

Loris Karius might not be investigated for this, after all a human error is a human error, but in a world where the prize you can get from the side is 10 times bigger than your potential reward for doing your best – don’t be surprised to see many more “Human Errors” like this coming up much more often.

Oh, and don’t worry about his faith – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he is backing the goalkeepr and understands these were just a few mistakes – perhaps it’s not only the goalkeeper that was bribed here after all … what a sad state of affairs has sports become to be today.

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