NBA West/East Conf. Finals – Two Game 7s

Brian Tuohy from tweeted: What?! Two Game 7s?! Boy the NBA (and its broadcast partners) sure are lucky!

And indeed – if you claim this was completely random that the 4 teams have reached Game 7 – then think again.

In a honest world Houston could have never beat GS not even once, and in a honest world Boston is so much better than just a 1 man team, and whilst no doubt LeBron James is a star, he is not playing his best at all, and has to rely on other players to score so many 3 pointers or even better – rely on the refs to get more fouls and win the games using the refs.

The NBA definitely knows how to create a drama, and a deciding 7th game is definitely going to bring a massive amount of interest, globally, but just remember the NBA itself is rigged, so don’t be surprised if the outcome you desire is not the desired one.


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