A one man team is in the NBA Finals of 2018

Forgive me but I cannot understand this strong bond or blind love the NBA has to LeBron James. Game 7 ended 87-79 (166 points in total, “Super Under” the total of 197) … LeBron scored 35 points out of 87 … that is 40% of the total points Cleveland scored altogether:


And guess who scored almost 20 points for the Cavs? Jeff Green … have you ever heard of him? Probably not, because he played instead of Kevin Love and he wanted to show how good he is, no problem with that, and good for him.

If you look at these numbers you clearly see the Cavs is a one man team, take LeBron out of there and you would get a team that wouldn’t even reach the Playoffs anymore … e.g. JR Smith played 42 minutes and scored only 12 points (0 assists) …..

So why the NBA wants a one man team to advance?


Read the next post about ZeroHedge in order to get some insights about this.


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