ZeroHedge also claims the NBA is Rigged

Have you heard of ZeroHedge before? If not let me fill you up – ZeroHedge is a very popular website that actually could foresee turning events such as the vote for Brexit winning in the UK, Trump becoming a US president, and this site contains lots of important news that many like to read.


ZeroHedge as of today is 1,880 in Global Alexa, 657 in the US, so the site has lots of credibility, or otherwise no one would have read it…

Now guess what ZeroHedge is claiming – THE NBA IS RIGGED:

In the article, they explain how the NBA is using many techniques in order to get the desired outcome such as forcing Game 7 into the Western Conference Finals. They also bring a Youtube video there showing how the referees rigged the game and caused Houston to lose it.

You should expect more and more calls coming out like this in the future, with the power of media and sites like ZH more and more people would be aware of the corruption that takes place around Sports (and especially “Professional Sports”) as of nowadays.


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