Cleveland against Golden State – Again…

This is the 4th time it happens, and you can only wonder why… probably these 2 teams are so easy to be manipulated (as we saw by having 7 games in each side of the coast).

It’s definitely not going to produce lots of rating seeing the same thing over and over again but you can only assume there was enough rating until now the the NBA lets the best teams aka the same old teams take over.


Is it going to be interesting? The NBA would try to make sure it is, Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner has definitely changed the league into a gambling establishment, he just wants people to bet as much as possible on his games, and that’s just sad.

At least before he was in place, David Stern wasn’t so pushy towards legalized gambling and sports betting and including the NBA in all that, but Silver is not ashamed of doing so, and this is such a shame the NBA needs to produce ways for gamblers to bet more on the NBA (and what’s better than Cavs-Warriors for producing it).

Likewise, if you saw Game 7 and saw how Houston led in the 1st half, you would see it was all a show, both halves, the total was also scripted (live line never got under 193.5 and it ended with 193 points so all “over” bettors would lose it).

What a sad day for the NBA and for the world of sports, we’re living in great times indeed.


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