Cleveland vs GS Game 1 – 100% Rigged

GS is leading 107-106, 5 seconds to go, a foul is called, Cleveland has 2 free throws. George Hill with 80% from the Free Throw line scores the 1st one …

Then this happened:

Hill could have firstly scored and still force GS to score within 5 seconds which is not easy, instead he was “aiming” for a sure miss, then JR Smith took the rebound and instead of trying to score he just wasted the time for no reason.

The guys on TV said maybe he didn’t know the score properly … was he? Look at his face in the video, looks like he wanted to accomplish something and was satisfied with it, he isn’t looking disturbed or annoyed about what he did, these players are acting like tools and they honestly don’t really care if they win or lose!

Rigged Level: 100 out of 10

See also here:


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