Diego Schwartzman vs Kevin Anderson – Round of 16 – Roland Garros 2018

This is something probably you won’t see anyone talking about, and honestly Kevin Anderson is the last person on earth I would ever accuse of rigging games, he is a very honest player, and what’s good about him is that he plays honestly.

However, the 3rd set between him and Schwartzman (that has just ended several minutes ago) has taken several twists including some unexplained behavior in the betting market as well.

Basically, Anderson, leading 2-0 in the sets, broke Schwartzman in the 3rd set, he was leading 5-4 in that set and was serving for the match – the odds on Schwartzman have reached as high as 21.00 @ Bet365 and he was already a “sure loser” (and Anderson is a “sure winner”)…. now check this out:


Don’t get me wrong, Schwartzman can play amazing Tennis, he has amazing shots and he can definitely break Anderson, but if you would check the replay – there were so many calls against Anderson.

Almost all of his serves were 2nd serves, some are very doubtful, one point where he won whilst Schwartzman was leading 6-5 was a point where Schwartzman complained about the ball not being called out – the umpire gave him the point without much of hesitation.

At time of writing, Anderson is leading 2-1 in the 4th Set, all first 3 games in the 4th Set were a break of service. The market in BetFair on this one has skyrocketed in the 3rd Set:


You realize that is over $10,000,000 of matched bets?! Just for comparison Nadal who’s playing at the moment is not even touching the $2 million of matched bets.

I personally don’t mind having drama in the match, it’s actually very good and more entertaining, but pushing the other player on 2nd serve repeatedly is raising too many flags in my opinion.

Whatever it is Schwartzman deserves lots of credit but the officials of this match deserve another investigation into the way this works hand in hand with the betting markets around the world.

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