Cleveland vs GS Game 1 – 100% Rigged

GS is leading 107-106, 5 seconds to go, a foul is called, Cleveland has 2 free throws. George Hill with 80% from the Free Throw line scores the 1st one …

Then this happened:

Hill could have firstly scored and still force GS to score within 5 seconds which is not easy, instead he was “aiming” for a sure miss, then JR Smith took the rebound and instead of trying to score he just wasted the time for no reason.

The guys on TV said maybe he didn’t know the score properly … was he? Look at his face in the video, looks like he wanted to accomplish something and was satisfied with it, he isn’t looking disturbed or annoyed about what he did, these players are acting like tools and they honestly don’t really care if they win or lose!

Rigged Level: 100 out of 10

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Cleveland against Golden State – Again…

This is the 4th time it happens, and you can only wonder why… probably these 2 teams are so easy to be manipulated (as we saw by having 7 games in each side of the coast).

It’s definitely not going to produce lots of rating seeing the same thing over and over again but you can only assume there was enough rating until now the the NBA lets the best teams aka the same old teams take over.


Is it going to be interesting? The NBA would try to make sure it is, Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner has definitely changed the league into a gambling establishment, he just wants people to bet as much as possible on his games, and that’s just sad.

At least before he was in place, David Stern wasn’t so pushy towards legalized gambling and sports betting and including the NBA in all that, but Silver is not ashamed of doing so, and this is such a shame the NBA needs to produce ways for gamblers to bet more on the NBA (and what’s better than Cavs-Warriors for producing it).

Likewise, if you saw Game 7 and saw how Houston led in the 1st half, you would see it was all a show, both halves, the total was also scripted (live line never got under 193.5 and it ended with 193 points so all “over” bettors would lose it).

What a sad day for the NBA and for the world of sports, we’re living in great times indeed.



ZeroHedge also claims the NBA is Rigged

Have you heard of ZeroHedge before? If not let me fill you up – ZeroHedge is a very popular website that actually could foresee turning events such as the vote for Brexit winning in the UK, Trump becoming a US president, and this site contains lots of important news that many like to read.


ZeroHedge as of today is 1,880 in Global Alexa, 657 in the US, so the site has lots of credibility, or otherwise no one would have read it…

Now guess what ZeroHedge is claiming – THE NBA IS RIGGED:

In the article, they explain how the NBA is using many techniques in order to get the desired outcome such as forcing Game 7 into the Western Conference Finals. They also bring a Youtube video there showing how the referees rigged the game and caused Houston to lose it.

You should expect more and more calls coming out like this in the future, with the power of media and sites like ZH more and more people would be aware of the corruption that takes place around Sports (and especially “Professional Sports”) as of nowadays.



A one man team is in the NBA Finals of 2018

Forgive me but I cannot understand this strong bond or blind love the NBA has to LeBron James. Game 7 ended 87-79 (166 points in total, “Super Under” the total of 197) … LeBron scored 35 points out of 87 … that is 40% of the total points Cleveland scored altogether:


And guess who scored almost 20 points for the Cavs? Jeff Green … have you ever heard of him? Probably not, because he played instead of Kevin Love and he wanted to show how good he is, no problem with that, and good for him.

If you look at these numbers you clearly see the Cavs is a one man team, take LeBron out of there and you would get a team that wouldn’t even reach the Playoffs anymore … e.g. JR Smith played 42 minutes and scored only 12 points (0 assists) …..

So why the NBA wants a one man team to advance?


Read the next post about ZeroHedge in order to get some insights about this.



NBA West/East Conf. Finals – Two Game 7s

Brian Tuohy from tweeted: What?! Two Game 7s?! Boy the NBA (and its broadcast partners) sure are lucky!

And indeed – if you claim this was completely random that the 4 teams have reached Game 7 – then think again.

In a honest world Houston could have never beat GS not even once, and in a honest world Boston is so much better than just a 1 man team, and whilst no doubt LeBron James is a star, he is not playing his best at all, and has to rely on other players to score so many 3 pointers or even better – rely on the refs to get more fouls and win the games using the refs.

The NBA definitely knows how to create a drama, and a deciding 7th game is definitely going to bring a massive amount of interest, globally, but just remember the NBA itself is rigged, so don’t be surprised if the outcome you desire is not the desired one.



NBA Western Conf. Finals – Game 5 – “UNDER Train” [May 24, 2018]

When people talk about sports being rigged it doesn’t have to necessarily be just which side won the match. The Totals are also a big factor in this.

Have you ever seen a Roulette landing on Black or Red several times in a row? A gambler’s mind might say this is a “Black Train” or a “Red Train” so let’s bet with huge amount of money on Red/Black and make a lot of money…

Well, Houston won Game 5 against Golden State 98-94 (192 points in total).


If you look at the recent past results you would get as follows:

  • Game 5 West – Line was 219.5 – ended with 192 points. [Under]
  • Game 5 East – Line was 205 – ended with 179 points. [Under]
  • Game 4 West – Line was 227 – ended with 187 points. [Under]
  • Game 4 East – Line was 204.5 – ended with 213 points. [Over]
  • Game 3 West – Line was 226.5 – ended with 211 points. [Under]
  • Game 3 East – Line was 207 – ended with 202 points. [Under]

This is just like having in a Roulette:


There is no difference between this and Roulette!

Now sports is supposed to be about trends, statistics … Chris Paul exited Game 5 and yet Houston won the game … in a genuine/honest world Houston without Chris Paul should lose hands down – Harden didn’t score much neither:


But I am not here to talk about how come Houston won the game without Chris Paul, or even with him playing but being injured.

When it comes to rigged games it doesn’t really matter if a key player is injured or not – Vegas will always get the desired outcome one way or another. Yes, it’s televised, yes, all the world can see it, but most people don’t notice the small details behind the scenes. And these small details are the ones who determine what the outcome would be.

Now if you had 5 out of 6 Blacks in a Roulette in its past 6 results, only 1 result is Red … what would be your next bet? Black or Red? This is how you should determine if Game 6 East would be part of the “Under Train” or a change of direction.

Should you bet on it? I wouldn’t bet on a Roulette by all means whatsoever – taking all these factors into account plus the house’s “vig” or “juice” – NBA betting is a losing proposition by all means whatsoever.

Rigged Level for Game 5 because of this “Under” & Chris Paul being injured yet Houston won the game: 9 out of 10.



NBA West Finals 2018: Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets [Game 4]

The total line for this game was 227, and it ended with 187 points – one of the reasons is because the oddsmakers know some bettors like to bet in live and they follow the supposedly smart assertion of “Buy low, sell high” – but when you go 187 out of 227 no live bet of “Over” is going to accomplish something …

Now besides the totals, watch the highlights of the 4th quarter from around 08:15 in the video:

Here are the issues with this 4th quarter in the 4th Game in the NBA Western Conference Finals of 2018:

  • There are so many bench players from Golden State who play in the 4th quarter – why are they playing in the 4th quarter if this is so crucial?
  • GS Players many times don’t even try to block the shots, they just wave their hands as if this is a show and they tick a box to show they tried to do something … is this really how a professional team would play in the Playoffs as if their lives is on stakes? Or this is just a show, just like the WWE?
  • If you want to see what a true defense looks like check the video from 09:56 and see how a proper defense is really playing.
  • The NBA loves to put things in tension and suspense – is this not looking like it’s artificially getting so close until the very last minute? GS scored whenever they wanted to …
  • The referees also called fouls as needed to make sure the game is tight, but they also made sure the score would be very low to “screw” all the over bettors.

The NBA is rigged, scripted and is producing a very good show – if you wanna watch it as a show – please by all means enjoy it, but if you try to find some common sense in the NBA – just don’t … even if LeBron James would get injured it doesn’t mean the Cavs will lose – there is no sense in the NBA and it is like that for a reason – the owners and bookmakers around the world would like to keep the results as random as possible so they could get bets on all sides of the rim, get their cut and enjoy the profits – Please don’t contribute to this … enjoy watching the game, but just don’t bet on it.

Rigged Level: 8 out of 10