KSI laughing at Karius

If you don’t know who KSI is, he is a very famous YouTuber and unofficially a boxer who’s going to fight against Logan Paul, another famous YouTuber in August this year (and yes, you can even place bets on that event). KSI has over 18 million subscribers, and he came up with this video yesterday:

As of now the video has over 2 million views already, and basically it’s good to see someone taking what Karius did with some sense of humor, but if what he did has crossed so many lines you can only imagine what really was the motive to do what he did.

Were these truly genuine mistakes? No one knows but surely what happened in that match is a one big controversy.



The unity that can come out of sports [Champions League Anthem]

Sports is about winners and losers, one is rejoicing whilst the other is crying, but Sports can also bring some unity between people.

Yes, Sports by nature today is rigged by many aspects, it’s unfair and all, but let’s dedicate a few minutes to look at the bright side that comes out of it.

Check out for instance the UEFA Champions League Anthem:

This is definitely an amazing piece of work. The lyrics of the song are:

Ce sont les meilleures équipes
Es sind die allerbesten Mannschaften
The main event
Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

Une grande réunion
Eine grosse sportliche Veranstaltung
The main event
Ils sont les meilleures
Sie sind die Besten
These are the champions
Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions

And this video shows how this song was created in the first place:

It’s definitely nice to see such a top quality in 3 different languages – French, German and English (English is the least used language in the song composed by Tony Britten, who’s British, although there aren’t many lyrics/words in it – and it still makes it beautiful).

So yeah … it’s always good to take a break from attacking Sports and looking also on the bright side of things – we definitely don’t like how sports is/are being rigged today, but there’s definitely a lot to like about things like this piece, that make Sports so much beautiful and give a hope that maybe things will go back to normal one day also in aspects of how the game(s) is/are being played.


Loris Karius, Liverpool Goalkeeper might have rigged the Finals!

He made 2 terrible mistakes that allowed Real Madrid to score, and in fact Real Madrid scored a few more times but “lucky” Liverpool was saved due to some “offside” calls which were non-existent.


It takes 1 person to change things, and what’s better than bribing the goalkeeper to get the desired out come – this is the Champions League Final of 2018, the amount and size of bets a regular punter can place on event like this is huge!

And to add some salt into injury (literally) – Mohamed Salah was injured at the very beginning of the match – is it surprising?

Loris Karius might not be investigated for this, after all a human error is a human error, but in a world where the prize you can get from the side is 10 times bigger than your potential reward for doing your best – don’t be surprised to see many more “Human Errors” like this coming up much more often.

Oh, and don’t worry about his faith – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he is backing the goalkeepr and understands these were just a few mistakes – perhaps it’s not only the goalkeeper that was bribed here after all … what a sad state of affairs has sports become to be today.


Champions League 2018 Final – 2nd Half

The media on Television says before Mohamad Salah was injured Liverpool was very much in the game, but they lost because of his injury.

Clearly the bookies wanted 0 goals in the 1st Half (disqualifying a legit one for no reason), and then 4 goals in the 2nd Half.

UEFA and Bookmakers will do everything they can to ensure the games will be as hard as possible to predict, very few people could have seen in advance that Salah will get injured very early in the game.


So Sergio Ramos might not get some respect from some fans but in the end of the day UEFA and the Bookmakers got the result they wanted.

Was this tackle okay? No.
Was a red card deserved? Absolutely.

But the Sports in 2018 are not what it used to be … just get rid of the main star and ensure a win for the team that you like and also screw all punters who had bets on Salah doing something in the game.



UEFA Champions League Final – RIGGED 1st Half

Looks like UEFA wanted to see NO GOALS in the 1st Half, this has been proven time and time again if you check the Replay:

  • Firstly Sergio Ramos injured Mohamed Salah causing him to leave the game. Ramos received no card from the referee for doing it.
  • In fact Ramos challenged Liverpool players and he is a defender, the referee backed up him up 100% of the times.
  • Real Madrid SCORED A GOAL in the 42′ minute! It’s a legit goal. The linesman RAISED the flag ONLY after that goal was scored (an “offside” flag) … there is no better way to RIG the games.
  • The players are forced to pass the ball, they barely attack each side, mainly because the referee takes advantage of any opportunity to switch sides, call fouls only when needed (e.g. to stop an attack).

Clearly UEFA wanted to see No Goals in the 1st half, perhaps they want to see a 0-0 by the end of the regular time (so Liverpool could easily win via Penalty Shootouts), the referee cannot disqualify goals after goals, so it would be interesting to see how the 2nd Half would develop but clearly there is a huge amount of RIGGING behind the scenes, and the referees/linesmen are behind it.



UEFA Champions League Final 2018 – 2 days from now (26/05/2018)

Real Madrid is going to play against Liverpool around 2 days from now (in some parts of the world it’s already “tomorrow”).

Real Madrid is 1.66 to lift the Trophy, Liverpool is 2.10 … Total goals of 2.5 is Over 1.44 and Under is 2.70 so the bookmakers are supposedly expecting more than 2 goals in this one.

Mohamed Salah is one of the main stars in the Champions League so far, he is playing for Liverpool and made lots of surprises …

So far so good, so where comes the “Rigged” part?

It’s very much possible for this match to go in a ping pong mode, so firstly Real Madrid will lead and then Liverpool will snap the victory … bookmakers love to see things changing upside down because so many people like to back the team who leads in the match and very few are trying the “Buy Low Sell High” approach.

Should you bet on this match? I wouldn’t suggest you bet on anything at all … betting for me is something I simply don’t do because I know it’s a losing proposition one way or another … however there is no problem with taking a guess and trying to imagine what’s going to happen.

You can definitely expect the referee to award a penalty if needed in order to get the desired team to score. Sports as we all know is not what it used to be, it’s all about money and not about the effort to win.